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car wash loyalty

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car wash loyalty


  The Next Level 
  of Loyalty for
  Carwash Operators

What is GoWash?

GoWash is  an affordable, profitable, easy-to-use, subscription Card-Scanning Software & Loyalty Program designed for car wash businesses aiming to increase car wash sales and customer loyalty. GoWash combines the simplicity and reliability of cloud computing with your top driver of customer loyalty - your car wash.

The GoWash System and Loyalty Subscription includes:

Card Scanning Equipment

     Low-maintenance, easy installation card scanning
     equipment composed of 4 parts that fit in a small 12”x 12” box,
     interfaced to your car wash. Easily installed by your car wash
     service company. Plug and replace - no hardware worries!
Cloud-based Administration

     Online access to GoWash's secure, reliable cloud-based software.
     Online customer accounts, flexible and customizable reporting

Secure Billing

     Fully interfaced to secure, cost-effective PCI compliant billing from 
Element Payment Services


     • Marketing Support

     Custom-brand marketing materials with car wash scan cards, online
     accounts, collateral and POP materials, email and direct marketing

     • Customized Marketing Videos
     • Personalized Implementation

Full Service Installation

Fully-Integrated Payment Processing

Element Payment Services

GoWash has partnered with Element Payment Services, the industry leader in PCI DSS compliant payment processing solutions to offer customers fully integrated, secure, and cost-effective payment processing solutions available through GoWash.


Capture every sale with easy-to-use, reliable payment processing solutions that simplify card payment acceptance and dramatically reduce the risk associated with handling cardholder data.


The state-of-the-art Element Express Processing Platform supports credit, debit and check solutions and includes features such as TransForm™ tokenization, point-to-point encryption and comprehensive Web-based reporting, allowing customers to easily comply with PCI DSS requirements. 


Key Benefits: 

• Process Payments Using the Fully Integrated Payment Module in GoWash, Eliminating  the Need for Standalone POS Terminals Or Costly and Unsecure Third Party Software

• Option to Keep Your Current Processor While Leveraging the Advantages of Element’s Processing Platform

• Security and Compliance with Industry Standards such as PCI DSS

• Access to 24x7 Customer Support at No Additional Cost

• Get the Most Valuable Payment Processing with Highly Competitive Processing Rates and Fees.

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